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About the Rife Machine

There are a lot of opinions regarding the effectiveness of a Rife Machine to destroy Borrelia, the root of Lyme Disease. I'm lucky enough to say that my experience was definitely good. 

The Rife Machine has two sticky pads and you place them on the small of your back. You then set its timer for eight hours, so you can have the machine on while you sleep. You then turn on the right frequency, which is a number that indicates what vibration Borrelia live at.

Once you turn on the machine, it emits radio waves at the frequency of Borrelia and feels like subtle vibrations. So the waves hit the bacteria and eventually kill the bacteria. I can tell you that within the first time of using the Rife Machine, I had some of the strongest Herxheimer reactions (bacteria die-off reaction when your symptoms get temporarily worse) ever. The proof was in the pain. 

Healing from Lyme Disease is a long journey, and I still get Herxheimer reactions from using the machine. Luckily, they're not as bad as they were before, so I know I'm getting rid of a lot of bacteria.

I was not paid or compensated to mention this product.

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