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How to Stay Safe From Ticks

Courtesy of SHAPE and Tech Times:

  • Keep It Dry: when coming home from the outdoors, check your clothing for ticks; even dry clothes should be tumble dried on high heat for 10 minutes (ticks can survive the washer, not the dryer)
  • Use Proper Repellent: use a spray like this or this with Permethrin, a clothing-only repellent that kills ticks on contact. Use in addition to your normal skin repellent
  • Watch Your Skin: important body parts to check for ticks: underarms, in/around ears, back of the knees, bellybutton, around the waist, your hair and between legs
  • Treat Your Pet: tick prevention products like this or this keep your pet from bringing in ticks
  • If You Get Bitten: Pull it out from the base to remove the whole thing immediately!

See a doctor ASAP if you find a tick on yourself. If you have the tick, keep it in a bag, so the doctor can get it tested. And DON'T rule out Lyme if you don't have a rash or flu-like symptoms. Most people don't see those symptoms!

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