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Four Effective Relievers for Muscle Pain, Insomnia and Anxiety

Like any human being on planet Earth, we all have bad days here and there. But these are some helpful treatments. Consult your doctor before trying any treatment.

For mild joint or muscle pain, we love Do Terra Deep Blue Rub lotion. It smells lovely and helps to relax the affected area.

For severe joint and muscle pain, 2 Aleve every 12 hours works wonders. This Naproxen Sodium formula always does the trick, with no side effects and no prescription.

For insomnia, use a silk blackout mask, sleepy time tea and 2-4 Valerian Root tablets.

Lastly, for feelings of restlessness or anxiousnessRelax Max works almost instantly. Mix a spoon into water or juice to rebalance your gut microflora (bacteria), making you feel nice and relaxed. It's not just a clever name!

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