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The Life of a Spoonie

Chronically ill patients/spoonies get a bad rep for practicing self-care. Ableists think, why rest if you don't look sick? But the key to understanding patients in general is being sympathetic.

1. Your couch is your best friend.

Next to fibromyalgia and joint pain, fatigue is a big spoonie symptom. If you happen to feel energetic, pace yourself and don't cram all of your errands in the same day. That's why your couch/bed can be your best friend.

2. One does not simply work out.

It can take days of careful planning to go to the gym. To keep your muscles strong, exercise whenever your body allows. This starts with the simple things: resting enough, eating healthy, staying hydrated and coping with stress properly. Don't you just envy people who can just up and go to the gym whenever they want?

3. You have therapeutic items all over.

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